UAE Racing Competition Selections | Round 4

Week Five, Round Four of the UAE Racing Competition! We’re back at Meydan and we’ll be at Meydan on Saturday for the last round of the UAE Racing Competition before moving into Week Six. This week, I feel to boost entrants and let everyone know, all you have to do is join in this round, once you’ve joined in, you’ll be put into a draw at the end of Week Five and someone random will win!

AlMaktoumRacing: Polar River, Dornoch, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Belgian Bill

philipedwards3: Polar River, Dornoch, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Musaddas

bika99999: Dornoch, Start Time, Marking, Mujaarib, Steady Pace, Tandem

rstewa01: Polar River, Alareef, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Musaddas

azzabets: Polar River, Beachy Head, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Tandem

WhatevaaTrevaa: Promising Run, Alareef, Start Time, Muarrab, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Tandem

lizstephens18: Polar River, Alareef, Comicas, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Musaddas

JeJohnelwell: Polar River, Dornoch, Calder Prince, Marking, Mujaarib, Qurbaan, Tandam

denislee61: Polar River, Beachy Head, Marking, Pilote, Steady Pace, Battle Of Marathon

AmandaHorsies: Dubai Fashion, Alareef, Start Time, Reynaldothewizard, Quarterback, Steady Pace, Tandem.

copshawlad: Polar River, Dornoch, Start Time, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Belgian Bill

jsheeran1981: Polar River, Alareef, Calder Prince, Reynaldotheeizard, Mujarrib, Market Rally, Musaddas

Nagletastic: Promising Run, Grand Argentier, Pure Diamond, Reynaldothewizard, Quarterback, Steady Pace, Belgian Bill

owldom: Polar River, Grand Argentier, Start Time, My Catch, Liquid Mercury, Hombre Rojo, Fox Trotter

Shane_012: Polar River, Dornoch, Start Time, Reynaldothewizard, Code Of Honor, Rouleau, Tandem

GCapewell: Polar River, Dornoch, Pure Diamond, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Musaddas

_frankelstein_: Polar River, Alareef, Calder Prince, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Battle Of Marathon

bigballsbetting: Polar River, Alareef, Lytham St Annes, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Battle Of Marathon

Precise_Tips: Dubai Fashion, Grand Argentier, Pure Diamond, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Slumdogmillionaire

Kingsy_Sire: Polar River, Alareef, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Musaddas

EthanSimlett14: Polar River, Beachy Head, Calder Prince, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Belgian Bill

Jordan_dufc: Polar River, Dornoch, Calder Prince, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Qurbaan, Musaddas

LynsayJayne: Dolly Dagger, Long Water, Calder Prince, Rich Tapestry, Snow Squall, Hombre Rojo, Fox Trotter

emarroq109: Dolly Dagger, Beachy Head, Start Time, Marking, Mujaarib, Lazzam, Rugue Runner

outlaws131973: Dubai Fashion, Alareef, Pure Diamond, Anfitrion Sale, Pilote, Steady Pace, Tandem

dloftus12: Promising Run, Beachy Head, Start Time, Rich Tapestry, Code Of Honor, Steady Pace, Tandem

jaak200: Promising Run, Alareef, Pure Diamond, Reynaldothewozard, Snow Squall, Hombere Rojo, Tandem

picksntips: Promising Run, Grand Argentier, Lytham St Anne’s, Rich Tapestry, Pilote, Qurbaan, Musaddas

joe_clancy: Dubai Fashion, Alareef, Redstaroverchina, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Rogue Runner

tbuckleythinks: Polar River, Dornoch, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Musaddas

joebowman_: Polar River, Beachy Head, Calder Prince, Marking, Mujaarib, Rouleau, Musaddas

kris1179: Polar River, Beachy Head, Calder Prince, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Qurbaan, Belgian Bill

haraspaumer: Promising Run, Greatest Hits, Ruler Of Course, Rich Tapestry, Liquid Mercury, Lazzan, Fearless Hunter

SPBRacing: Polar River, Beachy Head, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Qurbaan, Tandem

Matthewj_001: Promising Run, Alareef, Start Time, Reynaldothewizard, Quarterback, Steady Pace, Musaddas

davro990: Polar River, Alareef, Pure Diamond, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Qurbaan, Rogue Runner

l_camz87: Polar River, Beachy Head, Comicas, Rich Tapestry, Mujaarib, Rouleau,  Musaddas

calummadell: Polar River, Grand Argentier, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Battle Of Marathon

jonafan1: Polar River, Alareef, Comicas, Marking, Mujaarib, Roueleau, Musaddas

SunilSedra: Polar River, Dornoch, Calder Prince, Kifaah, Snow Squall, Qurbaan, Moohaarib

GobbyPunter: Polar River, Beachy Head, Calder Prince, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Qurbaan, Battle of Marathon

mohd9811: Polar River, Grand Argentier, Start Time, Marking, Quarterback, Rouleau, Musaddas

bigkeveddy: Polar River, Alareef, Illegally Blonde, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Homebre Rojo, Musaddas

EE_RC: Polar River, Dornoch, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Musaddas

LauraKingDXB: Polar River, Dornoch, Calder Prince, Marking, Mujaarib, Qurbaan, Musaddas

imtomhutch: Polar River, Dornoch, Comicas, Marking, Mujaarib, Market Rally, Dormello

pigeon_island: Polar River, Alareef, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Belgian Bill

ashley_cliff: Polar River, Alareef, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Dormello

SMolyneux79: Polar River, Dornoch, Calder Prince, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Dormello

Reilly0121: Polar River, Dornoch, Comicas, Marking, Quarterback, Qurbaan, Belgian Bill

Stueycufc: Polar River, Grand Argentier, Comicas, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Belgian Bill

HTregoning: Polar River, Alareef, Start Time, Rich Tapestry, Quarterback, Steady Pace, Rogue runner

ScottTVG: Polar River, Dornoch, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Musaddas

Captainmoansy: Polar River, Grand Argentier, Start Time, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Rouleau, Musaddas

thomasbroadben1: Polar River, Beachy Head, Comicas, Reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Rogue Runner

zeze2512: Polar River, Dornoch, Start Time, Marking, Liquid Mercury, Steady Pace, Tandem

ryancollier_966: Polar River, Grand Argentier, Calder Prince, reynaldothewizard, Liquid Mercury, Market Rally, Moohaarib

Stephen_Curits: Promising Run, Beachy Head, Start Time, Reynaldothewizard, Mujaarib, Lazzam, Tandem

scandiracing: Dolly Dagger, Beachy Head, Ruler Of Course, Let’sgoforit, Quarterback, Busy Earning, Fearless Hunter

gillian1T: Alareef, Lytham St Anne’s, Rich Tapestry, Liquid Mercury, Qurbaan, Tandem

Top Selections:

Polar River – 42

Marking – 33

Liquid Mercury – 34

Start Time – 19

Alareef – 19


Meydan Preview | 11 Feb

Another week, another Meydan card – another cracking card at that. It’s Guineas day, with the 1000 Guineas for the girls up first on the card, with the penultimate race on the card for the boys in the 2000 Guineas. Coupled with these two crackers, we have the Al Shindagha throughout the card which is a Group Three sprint; the card has shaped up well for an interesting night’s racing.


The Meydan racecourse has a one mile, four furlong left-handed turf race track which is equivalent to a two thousand, four hundred metre left-handed turf race track, whilst also having a left-handed eight furlong or one thousand, seven hundred and fifty metre Tapeta Synthetic Dirt course; which it has been known for over the recent years. As you may be able to see from the picture below. I did get the picture from the website:

3:00 – UAE 1000 Guineas Sponsored By Friday Fillies Listed Stake

A one mile dirt race here, dominated by one horse who was nothing but impressive on her debut and in the trial run of this race – Polar River is the extremely short priced favourite to continue her streak, whilst Godolphin set to topple her with Promising Run and Dubai Fashion.

We’ll kick off with the impressive Polar River, who on debut won the Longines Conquest Classic Ladies Maiden Stakes by thirteen and a half lengths, an extremely impressive victory followed up by a four and three quarter length victory in the trial of this race. Polar River is the stand-out favourite, dominating the betting and now trading at 4/11, she’s slowly stepping up in trip with every run and it doesn’t seem to be a bother with her pedigree, this race looks like it’s her’s already.

Promising Run is by Hard Spun, so her race on the dirt for the first time was an eye-opener to connections, she came second to an extremely good filly in the form of Polar River when giving away twelve pounds on the ratings. Now they’re the same rating and if taking to the dirt like her Father, you’d have to expect Promising Run to have every chance of toppling the long odds-on favourite. Promising Run won the Shadwell Rockfel Stakes back in the United Kingdom, it’s all if she takes to the dirt and whether or not she goes for the lead tomorrow, 3/1 isn’t an overly bad price she just has a tough task. Whilst the likes of Dubai Fashion is here for Saeed bin Suroor as well, with Paul Hanagan on board, he rode when she flopped coming fifth in the Montrose Fillies Stakes, losing by eleven lengths in the end. Dubai Fashion has been on the all-weather track at Wolverhampton and won quite cosily in the end, being by Dubawi I feel she is going to only improve with every run, she may find a couple far too competitive for her tomorrow, though.

Dolly Dagger an impressive filly out in Scandinavia didn’t give any show from the back when getting stomped on by not only Promising Run, but by Polar River as well, she has a lot to prove – along with Kabaw, both of whom are seemingly well held here, but make up the betting at 50/1.

Verdict: Obviously, either Promising Run or Polar River are going to set the fractions, the preference going with Promising Run to set the running, with Polar River and Dubai Fashion both in behind looking to pounce. Turning into the homestraight, I don’t see anything beating Polar River who showed she’s a versatile filly and can quicken away well with a turn of foot, she’d be my banker on the night, just no price.

3:35 – Xpress Handicap

An extremely open looking handicap here, three main protagonists are the top of the betting in Alareef, Beachy Head and UAE newcomer in Dornoch who is on his second start. Alareef is the only runner in two races here for His Highness Shiekh Hamdan and of course, Paul Hanagan is on board, whilst other owners such as EERC and Mohd Khalifa Al Basti are also on view.

Alareef won two weeks on the opener at Meydan with a cracking finish going up against State Law, where he worn State Law down and won well in the end. The lowest rated horse in the race which favoured him in the weights, I thought and he justified that by winning, so he is now seven pounds higher in a pretty tough handicap to predict. Seven runs in the UAE at both Meydan and Jebel Ali, this gelding of Stronghold looks to be progressing nicely now he’s into his second season in the UAE and could be a force to reckon with tomorrow if showing his turn of foot like last time.

Beachy Head has been ever-progressive this season with his form figures showing 23114, where he came fourth to Alareef last-time-out. Beachy Head prefers Jebel Ali, where his best form lies as it allows him to dictate the pace he wishes to go at and when, but as there isn’t much racing for a while, Al Raihe has targeted a handicap at Meydan. No proven form over one mile at Meydan, it’s difficult to understand why Al Raihe has sent Beachy Head here in the first place, he came second over nine furlongs at Meydan when losing by a neck, however, he could definitely improve for the step back up to a mile. Whilst Dornoch gave a sound race when second behind Kilt Rock by a length and a half, he’s also stepped up to a mile here and should definitely go well for the in-form Watson yard. Only winning once out in France, not showing much in the UK, Dornoch has been moved to Watson where he came second on debut out in the UAE and on debut for the trainer and owner, he’s potentially a little high in the weights here, but he should be there at the finish if stalking the leader like before.

Grand Argentier goes here for the same yard as Dornoch, but is potentially playing second fiddle behind Dornoch as Dobbs has chosen to go with Dornoch over Grand Argentier for the Emirates Entertainment Racing Club. Grand Argentier didn’t give any sort of race last-time-out when losing to Torchlighter on the dirt – he seems to enjoy the grass much more than the dirt, he gave a stormer when third to Respect Me and front-running, a tactic I think Hitchott is incredibly good at and should look to do tomorrow. Frankie Dettori is back tomorrow, his first ride is on Greatest Hits who was formerly of John Gosden and is now an import at the Blooshi yard, not running any sort of race six days ago, a quick turn around for this son of Cape Cross and it might not work out all that well – if any horse is going to surprise us tonight, I think Greatest Hits on his second outing in the UAE could do, but the odds look stacked against him. A winner for Gosden but incredibly disappointing behind Lear’s Rock losing by sixteen lengths, he’ll need to step up his game if he is to get a place. Whilst Ormindo ran three weeks ago now finishing in sixth place behind Respect Me and losing by twelve and a half lengths – his first run for nearly a year, he can be let off for fitness problems, but Ormindo should now give a good account of himself with Tylicki on board.

Verdict: Grand Argentier for me should go the whole way, leading them around the entire way whilst Beachy Head is going to try and take him on for the lead, which could potentially set it up for another horse. Beachy Head and Grand Argentier are both quick horses from the gate, whilst Dornoch and Alareef, along with the rest are going to sit back and watch them two fight it out for the race. I am going to change my arm with Dornoch.

4:10 – Meydan Classic Trial Sponsored By Gulf News Classifieds

A fourteen runner handicap here, Purple Wind making it fifteen being the reserve runner, over seven furlongs. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan doesn’t have a runner here, whilst the boys in blue have three, all three with very live chances.

We started off with Comicas, a chestnut colt by Distorted Humour who has been off the track for two hundred days, last seen when winning the Trent Maiden Stakes at Doncaster. Comicas’ second outing was quite pleasing, coming second by half a length to Ibn Malik, if Comicas has grown-up and matured, I think he could definitely improve Ibn Malik’s form by winning tomorrow. Start Time has been out for one hundred days when he came second to Crazy Horse by a short head in the Whizz Kids Stakes – a tad unlucky and definitely the form pick on the day tomorrow. From five runs, Start Time has come second three times and won twice, although, both wins came under the claimer Kevin Stott. Pure Diamond is saddled by Tylicki here who last ran on the dirt behind Polar River, going down by nine lengths, she is a dual winner at Kempton after putting her debut behind her, now back on the turf, something I don’t think she’s overly keen on, it’s not entirely hard to see as to why she’s the third pick out of the three here. All three though have a relatively massive chance, even a chance of getting the forecast of the 1-2 up is a massive chance.

Calder Prince came third to Steady Pace in the 2000 Guineas Trial, going down only by two lengths to Steady Pace and Rouleau, both of whom are going up against each other in the 2000 Guineas tomorrow. Calder Prince has Richard Kingscote on board tomorrow of course, I’d expect them to be up with the pace and looking to win the race, notching up a win for Team Europe. Lytham St Annes comes from the Simcock yard here to run for Doug Watson on his first outing for the new owner and yard third behind Projection one hundred and thirty-four days ago in a stakes race, Lytham St Annes could pose a potent threat here, but I feel seeing him in a smaller field could benefit him massively and he should get it at some point.

Verdict: Personally, I have shortened this race down massively as there are some cracking runners with live chances, it’s incredible to see Ajwad in this type of race, but obviously, the see something. I can’t see where the pace is coming from, but I am going to go with Start Time giving the boys in blue their first win on the card.

4:45 – Al Shindagha Sprint Sponsored By – Group 3 Stakes

The third race on the card, the Al Shindagha sprint here, a Group Three with a lot of fantastic horses, some from the States and a lot of homegrown talent. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan has two in the race; Kifaah and Muarrab.

Muarrab has been on an upward curve for quite some time now even if his last race was a massive flop, he went into a barging match, so I would definitely put a mark through that race. Muarrab throughout his entire time in the UAE hadn’t ever been out of the top three, but that flop where he came fifth is going to be a learning curve for him – Paul Hanagan takes the leg up on him again over Kifaah. Kifaah in his own right has been improving rapidly as well, he’s now in the sprinting leagues with the big boys such as Muarrab and Kifaah should hold his own in this race, although I think towards the back-end of the race it’ll get a little too hot for him.

My Catch ran in a race with Kifaah last-time-out in a pulsating finish, My Catch unfortunately came out second best on the night to Kifaah and this race looks quite hot for the two of them. My Catch is a good sprinter along with Kifaah, but they’re both out of their depth here, with the likes of Marking coming over from the States. An impressive winner on both his opening two starts, Marking came second to Runhappy on his last run before going over to the UAE – Runhappy is a champion in his own right. I think Marking should go very well here, he’s probably a class above the lot of them in this race.

Reynaldothewizard cause somewhat of an upset when beating Muarrab, but it wasn’t really an upset considering his record when running fresh. Now unbeaten in three, this ten-year-old is going to be second favourite to Marking and could definitely provide another upset on the cards here, but it does look quite hard to see it happening. This ten-year-old is in the form of his life and he is showing that you can still do it at such an age, whilst Rich Tapestry is also getting on a bit – an eight-year-old now who was formerly with Dermot Weld in Ireland, moved to the UAE in 2014 after a go at Santa Anita in the States. Rich Tapestry has been living it up out in Hong Kong where he came thirteenth in December – he likes Meydan and the trip they’re going at tomorrow, he has a decent chance going forward.

Verdict: I hope Muarrab leads them around, this will only enhance his chances within the race as he is such a destructive horse from the front, so he’ll need to break better than when he last run, my preference is for the impressive Marking who was second behind Runhappy, but no doubt the R’s in Reynaldothewizard and Rich Tapestry, along with Kifaah are going to have something to say about this.

5:20 – Gulf News Sport – Handicap

We move onto a stayers handicap now, over the trip of one mile and four furlongs, commonly known as twelve furlongs. Nine runners going to post with Mujaarib for the De Kock and His Highness Sheikh Hamdan who certainly has a big chance in a race of this calibre.

A pretty poor race by the looks of it here, a poor handicap, but His Highness has the one runner in here with Mujaarib – running two weeks ago here, Mujaarib came fourth to the progressive Forries Waltz. Mujaarib on his return from last year was back in third to More Aspen who hasn’t exactly improved the form whatsoever for Mujaarib. Mujaarib is slowly improving, he could always take a race like this – I wouldn’t be surprised but the massive step up in trip is slightly concerning to me.

Quarerback is surely going to be a hit with some American followers with the Super Bowl being played the other day, Quaterback runs here for the German trainer R Haugen – the German equivalent to Richard Hannon if names and jockey bookings are to go by. A good third behind Haafaguinea when last seen, gets the trip and could potentially be in with a chance to place. Code Of Honor runs for Saeed Bin Suroor but not in the blue of Godolphin with James Doyle on board here, he finished eighth of sixteen when last seen, thirty-five days ago losing by twelve lengths to Star Empire – Elleval has enhanced the form massively for me and now back after a long layoff, I think Code Of Honor has a cracking chance on form alone. Formerly of Henry Candy, he’s a speedy type and with Bin Suroor he could’ve improved significantly, nice to see they’ve brought him back after a year and a few months off.

Liquid Mercury comes here in quite good form, fifth behind Fanciful Angel isn’t overly bad form now dropped in this massively worse grade. Liquid Mercury is going to come out favourite for the race should duly oblige considering the form of the De Kock yard and the jockey on show here – he was a Grade Three winner at the trip in Kenilworth.

Verdict: I think Hanagan is going to go for a different approach here, Mujaarib should be leading from the front, this is what he should be doing, whilst Sugar Boy will surely test him for the lead. Overall though, the type of race Liquid Mercury was in last time is going to come out here, I think Liquid Mercury is the best bet of the night and is going to be my pick on the night here.

5:55 -UAE 2000 Guineas Sponsored By Gulf News Group 3 Stakes

We have the 2000 Guineas now, the race for the boys on the penultimate race on the card. One mile and we see some lovely horses and pedigrees come to the fore here, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan has one intriguing running in the form of Qurbaan – a French trained colt by Speighstown.

Qurbaan is an unbeaten colt here, he won the Mukhadram Maiden Stakes and then won off a mark of fifty-eight out in France to win by two lengths, he’s now up to a mark of ninety-five. Qurbaan is from France as I say, it’s quite worrying when a French import comes over, they don’t usually get the ground, the type of surface is completely different to what they’re used to and the style of racing is completely different to what they’re used to. Qurbaan is interesting for those reasons, if handling everything that isn’t in his favour, he could be in with a shout of place claims here.

Rouleau is the one I preferred in the 2000 Guineas trial, he was narrowly denied by his partner Steady Pace, but I think he beats Steady Pace this time now. Both of them are on the same rating and mark than when they pulled clear of the trial field, so they’re sure to go close, I think Steady Pace will look to lead once again, but Buick will look to cover it this time and not let him get away from as easily as last time – a neck split them last time in a cracking finish, it’ll be a good finish again.

Whilst Hombre Rojo got an invite to come over for the 2000 Guineas for Simon Dow, I think this might be a little too hot for him. Homebre Rojo has taken my heart by storm, ever since seeing he got an invite to the 2000 Guineas, I have wanted him to win it by sixteen odd lengths. Obviously this is going to be a tougher race than what he is used to, but he’s settled in well in the UAE and he could potentially be the unknown quantity. Market Rally won at Monmouth Park in the States and was brought over to the UAE which is happening more frequently for Selvaratnam – he came fourth behind Steady Pace and Rouleau on his first outing, he’ll shape fitter for that run, and along with Hombre Rojo, he’s an unknown quantity but you can tell with his American breeding that he’ll definitely get the dirt he’s running on.

Verdict: Steady Pace is going to jump for the lead again, I feel. Qurbaan, although not seeing his races, will be up there as Hanagan likes to get a good toe into the race, whilst Market Rally will be in behind tracking this lot with Hombre Rojo. Personally, I am inclined to stick with Rouleau, he ran well last-time-out and should definitely be winning soon, he isn’t worse off in comparison to Steady Pace and should be there again.

6:30 – Gulf News Tabloid – Handicap

Another massive handicap – the biggest handicap on the card here, eighteen runners with two reserves in the lineup here. One mile and one furlong – nine furlongs – on the turf to end it again this week. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan has one runner in the form of Whistle Stop from the De Kock yard.

Whistle Stop has slowly been increasing his way of running, eleventh of his first start since a layoff, he then came second to Sanshaawes by three quarters of a length in an incredible race. He’s now downed one furlong here which should suit him down to the ground as ten furlongs was probably a stretch for him – he holds every chance of not only placing, but potentiality winning a big handicap like this and it wouldn’t surprise me if he did tomorrow.

Moohaarib didn’t run any type of race under Smullen here fourteen days ago – he’s better than that. Third in the Lincoln, Moohaarib is stepping up to ten furlongs since his debut and second outing here, where he didn’t do overly well – Soumillon is on board this time and could definitely be in with a shout of placing tomorrow. Dormello runs here on the back of coming fourth here three weeks over three furlongs further – down in trip a possible worry but nine furlongs is the last time he won, although it was at Jebel Ali a year ago, I think Dormello is classy and has been since coming from France – he definitely has every chance here.

Musaddas is the incredibly short priced favourite here, 9/4 favourite whilst the rest of the field is at least 8/1. I think Musaddas has every chance now he’s in the UAE and is settling down, he last won in the Godolphin blue colours until being brought by Sheikh Juma bin Dalmook Al Maktoum. Musaddas is definitely classy and showed than when winning under apprentice Ed Greatrex, winning a lucrative handicap at Ascot called the Balmoral Handicap, he has every chance with his latest run coming third to impressive Forries Waltz, he’ll improve greatly for that run. Tandem comes from Ireland with Dermot Weld when winning off a mark of one hundred at Dundalk in a four runner race, going off the 7/4 favourite – Meydan is a little different to Dundalk. Tandem will be tested to his limits here, but Smullen the genius is on board.

Verdict: I am not going to predict this race in terms of how it is going to be run, but Whistle Stop is going to be up there and vying for a position throughout, along with Moohaarib. I am going to go with an outsider in this one, Belgian Bill is a bit of a legend in these parts, he warmed to his latest task when sixth and should definitely be in the placings for the EERC.

Head Lass Interview | @nicola_dowell

Good afternoon all! We have a special guest – Charlie Hills’ Head Lass Nicola Dowell has agreed to do a little piece for me with a few questions I sent her last night. A down-to-earth and genuine lady, well worth a follow! I personally thank her for responding to me so swiftly and commend her on that, whilst also wishing her the best of luck with the upcoming flat season ever looming.

AlMaktoumRacingClub: You’re head lass at Charlie Hills’, how long have you been there and what’s your daily routine like?

nicola_dowell: I’ve been working at Charlie hills for four years now, but I’ve been head lass there for three of them, and nearly ten years ago I worked for his father Barry. My daily routine would be checking round the horses allocated in my barn which consists of checking their legs and wellbeing and making sure they have eaten up from the night before! The daily list arrives and we then put horses on the walker for exercise and then proceed to feed the horses! I then ride out four lots and then after that feed and check over the horses before we go to lunch. Evening stables consists of checking the horses wellbeing and if they have eaten up their lunch before I proceed with any medicals such as cuts or medicines that may have to be given! Before Charlie or Kevin our assistant looks round before we feed and go home.

AlMaktoumRacingClub: Last season you had Muhaarar from His Highness, how was that experience? What was he like to train?

nicola_dowell: It’s very rare you come across a horse like Muhaarar in your life time so it was a real privilege to witness this horse everyday up the gallop and in his stable as he was in my barn! He had a presence this horse and he always shouted for his carrots from the lad that looked after him everyday!

AlMaktoumRacing Club: If any, how many two-year-old’s do you have from His Highness Shiekh Hamdan Al Maktoum, do you have in training, if so, what are their names and pedigrees?

nicola_dowell: We have around seven two-year-old’s with us at this time and we have more arriving from Dubai we don’t know names as yet but breeding we have; Showcasing Colt; Dark angel Colt; Dutch art Colt; Equiano Colt; Oasis Dream Colt; Ravens Pass Colt; Lawman filly; Dubawi filly; Invincible Spirit filly – and then we have around 8 arriving from Dubai around March/April time.

AlMaktoumRacingClub: Any horses from the Charlie Hills yard you’re looking forward to most this season?

nicola_dowell: There’s a couple horses now I’m looking forward to, which include our two other sprinters Strath Burn and Magical Memory – also a half Brother to Muhaarar who won his last outing at Newmarket and Ibn Malik who had a good campaign in group races last year. Of course, it’s exciting to learn what two-year-old’s we may have that show potential to the standard of hopefully Muhaarar!

AlMaktoumRacingClub: What is it like to work in such a prestigious yard, testing at times?

nicola_dowell: Working in any racing yard is testing at times as the hours and under staffing can cause stressful times, but the good thing about this yard we work hard and have a good team behind the scenes which include plenty of loyal staff from when Barry Hills was training so with luck on our side we get the results too.

I would like to thank Nicola again, it’s nice to hear from such a top yard last season with, really, the protagonist of the Shadwell and Sheikh Hamdan campaign of 2015. Personally, I love seeing women in horse racing and I am very glad I got to speak to a Head Lass – girl power – everyone who follows wishes the Charlie Hills stable the best of luck with the upcoming season.

Mohaymen The Magical by @horsegirlamy16

Hello, welcome back to a new series I am looking to do every Sunday, or bi-weekly on Sunday’s for everyone. Someone writes a little piece about a horse, not necessarily a Hamdan horse, and I post it up to gauge the interest of everyone. This week we have a nice article coming from an up-and-coming potential journalist, Amy Neese or as I have known her from Twitter as @horsegirlamy16 – a sixteen-year-old girl who enjoys her horse racing, give her a follow. She wrote a little bit about Mohaymen and it was a nice read, so here you go!

As the days leading up to the first Saturday in May are coming increasingly near, the time to map out our (Kentucky) Derby picks approaches. As we re-watch many of the top juvenile races of last year, it is now time to set our sights on the early (Kentucky) Derby preparation races, although it is too soon to really tell what kind of Derby field we will end up with, there is one horse that is making a particular impression on me and the horse racing world’s Derby sights.

With a smaller, lightly-built frame Mohaymen is a gray/roan colt sired by the elite sire Tapit out of a Dixie Union mare Justwhistledixie. Due to his handsome conformation/ pedigree and amazing demeanor in the 2014 Keeneland sales he was bought for an impressive $2.2 million by Shadwell Estate Co.


Photo: YouTube from the sale of Mohaymen for $2.2 million.

He was sent to well-respected trainer Kiaran McLaughlin, who was immediately impressed with the Tapit colt. Mohaymen made his first start at Belmont in a six furlong or twelve hundred metre Maiden Special weight, he ran impressively with a front running half length victory, McLaughlin stating “He did everything right.” The colt then went on to the one mile Nashua Stakes (G2) at Aqueduct, he overcame some pre-race antics in the paddock rearing twice and putting up a fit at the gate very unlike his usual gentlemen-like demeanor causing concern for McLaughlin. At the start he broke rating behind horses, despite a little rocky start he responded with a good kick from Jockey Junior Alvarado’s coaxing, split horses and drew off to win by a length and three quarter lengths in 1:36.01. After the Nashua, McLaughlin spent time schooling at the gate with Mohaymen and Alvarado stated “After the race, we gate-schooled him several times. He acted up the first time we went and then he got better and better and was great, and he got over whatever he was reluctant about.” The team then was confident enough to set sights on the Remsen Stakes (G2) at Aqueduct. The Remsen was the race that first particularly made this horse stick out to me, I have liked his Nashua win, but I didn’t see anything particularly impressive, in the Remsen however, he proved his versatility. The first half of the race didn’t look too good for Mohaymen as he did not break particularly well and he was pinned behind multiple horses, but he found a hole around the turn and split horses and cruised to a length and a half win.

The Remsen showed some professionalism and discipline from this colt, showing he can put up with being behind horses and having to find a spot on the inside to make a run. After the Remsen I decided I really liked this gray colt, I liked his breeding, I liked that he had run a decent distance in 1:50.69 and time for just his third start. I, also liked the way he had run his three races, he showed versatility and a good closing run to demolish his opponents. But, really nothing could be said quite yet I had to wait till his first run as a third-year-old in the Holy Bull (G2) last Saturday. Mohaymen entered the Holy Bull as the favorite, but with some good competition with Flexibility who ran second to Mohaymen in his last start, Greenpointcrusader, and Conquest Big E, but no one stood a chance against Mohaymen. He broke a bit hesitantly as Greenpointcrusader and perfect saint went for the lead, but Mohaymen quickly found his footing and eased up into third. Mohaymen quickly took over taking the lead at the stretch he opened up  his stride. Greenpointcrusader made an effort to go with Mohaymen for several strides, but Mohaymen’s beautiful fluid stride led him to win by a dazzling 3 1/2 lengths. Greenpointcrusader held second by two and a half lengths, with Fellowship and Conquest Big E picking up third and fourth. The Holy Bull was a huge gamechanger, not just to me, but to horse-players and handicappers everywhere, Mohaymen showed us that he was the real deal in terms of being a Derby prospect, with fractions of :23 ⅕, :23 ⅖ and :06 flat with hardly any coaxing from Junior (in all other races the whip was heavily used.).

Nothing was wrong with his two-year-old season, but I can tell he has matured and is looking much more professional in his running. In the Holy Bull, Mohaymen showed a domination, a more impressive look that left a Derby winning horse impression. After the race McLaughlin commented “He took my breath away. Today was pretty special.” Alvarado also stated “Mentally, he’s so mature. He does whatever I want, I still had plenty of horse.” McLaughlin’s confidence in Mohaymen has also been a big factor on my thoughts on Mohaymen. McLaughlin has stated that the three-year-old Tapit colt is ahead of both Cairo Prince and Frosted at his age, he considers Mohaymen to be his “Best prospect yet” for the Kentucky Derby and being a big Mclaughlin fan I can’t help but really hope he is right.

Could Mohaymen possibly be following in the hoof-prints of Go For Gin? Who in 1993-94 became the only other horse to win the Remsen, the Holy Bull and the Kentucky Derby. So, how good is he really? Is it too soon to call this $2.2 million East Coaster the early favorite for the Derby?  Maybe so, but this horse has proven to be versatile and exceedingly fast, I have to say he has my pick as the 2016 Kentucky Derby thus far. I am convinced this horse is something special, but no one knows how he really compares to his fellow unbeaten three-year-old’s, West Coasters 6-6 Smokey Image and Eclipse award winning 5-5 colt Nyquist – time will tell how good Mohaymen really is. McLaughlin has Mohaymen’s sights set on the the twenty-seventh of February, Fountain Of Youth (G2) and the one million dollar Florida Derby (G1) on April the second. Mohaymen to me is seemingly more impressive with each race he runs, so my hopes are high for this pretty gray colt and his first class team for the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

Holy Bull S- G2. 1:42.07 1 1/16m

Remsen-G2 1:50.69 1 ⅛m

Nashua-G2 1:36.01 1m

MSW 1:10.16 6f

1–MOHAYMEN, 122, c, 2, by Tapit

1st Dam: Justwhistledixie (MGSW & GISP, $449,427),

by Dixie Union

2nd Dam: General Jeanne, by Honour and Glory

3rd Dam: Ahpo Hel, by Mr. Leader

($2,200,000 Ylg ’14 KEESEP). O-Shadwell Stable; B-Clearsky

Farms (KY); T-Kiaran P. McLaughlin; J-Junior Alvarado.

Mohaymen 2

Picture credit: NYRA Photography.

Meydan & Jebel Ali Review(s) – Horses To Follow

Thursday we went to Meydan for some cracking Group action, whilst with Jebel Ali we had some nice maiden and handicap action to look at. Top class horses on show, a lot of classy ones to follow throughout the carnival and possibly up to the World Cup. Let’s analyze some of the races and give who I think you should follow.


Race One – We had the Purebred Arabian’s go to post, and as I’ve said before, always throw the formbook out the window with these horses, it hardly ever goes to plan, but it’s good to see outsiders of the lot win. We had Versac Py from the Charpy yard for His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum – who ran a cracker of a run back in second, behind Haajeb, the outsider of the lot winning at odds of 25/1.

We move onto the second race, Ertijaal being the stand-out horse and boy, did he deliver. Ertijaal opened up 9/4, was backed all the way into evens throughout the day, the support didn’t go to waste, Ertijaal showed a turn of foot like his Daddy, winning the race by two lengths to Fityaan in second, one who I liked because of how he shaped. Ertijaal is going to go to the Al Quoz Sprint where he is now the 3/1 favourite, where he goes with every chance now he’s out of handicapping.

Third race on the card was a filly race, Godolphin had one runner, one who I said was primed and readied for the race in Very Special, whilst Hamdan Al Maktoum had the one runner in Almashooqa. Unfortunately, Almashooqa didn’t go any gallop and was last of all, whilst the Godolphin filly in Very Special was very special indeed, winning by three lengths from the front after being given an incredibly easy lead. Not entirely sure why they let her get that type of lead, but they did, and she romped home, whilst Excilly finished off nicely in second.

The Al Maktoum challenge was up next, the first Group race on the card, a lot of home trained horses in Faulkner, Layl, Gold City, the list goes on. However, it was the American import who was most impressive; Frosted. Frosted had been second to the incredible American Pharaoh in the past, this is where he showed that form, demolishing his opponents by five lengths and smashing the track record. A potential World Cup horse in the making, whilst I was impressed with Gold City coming back to get second like he did.

Another turf race coming up here, we had some nice horses come from the United Kingdom and all over Europe here with the likes of Battersea being the main protagonist. Roger Varian hadn’t won a race in the UAE until this race, the fifth race on the card, a turf handicap where his incredibly game Battersea came out on top to beat Paene Magnus by a short head. I, personally, wouldn’t take any horses out of the race but I did think the price on Rio Tigre was insulting to say the least.

Penultimate race on the card, the second Group race on the card. A lot of World Cup hopefuls in here, none more so than Mubtaahij, who was bitterly disappointing on the night – he’s been out in the States for the two runs before this, off for some time and now back, he should definitely run better when fit, but his World Cup hopes could be in tatters. Personally, I thought One Man Band and Le Bernardin would have gone at each other, stretched the rest of them and would’ve been hell to catch – they went at each other, just not as furiously as I thought they would have. Confrontation and Watershed claimed first and third for the boys in blue, both of whom came off the pace, and both of whom I am going to look to take forward in the future.

Last race on the card, the final turf race on the card as well. A fourteen runner handicap, where Snow Squall was playing up before the race, getting upset and bolting off before the race, going around for two circuits. Not nice to see, but it was another for Godolphin. Think Ahead won impressively wearing down Elleval in the dying strides, just denying him his first win in ages by half a length, with Zamaam running a stormer in third for Sheikh Hamdan.

Horses To Follow:

Throughout the night, there were some horses to definitely follow throughout the carnival, Ertijaal being the most obvious one. Son of Oasis Dream who can lead from the front or come from the back with a shocking turn of foot against his rivals, one to be on the rightside of here for the long run. Al Quoz is the main goal for now, something well within his reach, even if he needs to keep improving for it. Another winner here, but Very Special was very special on the night, leading from the front, and although a weak lead, she saw the trip out well and kicked clear from her rivals on the homestraight – whilst I would also be inclined to take Excilly out of the race as she was closing throughout the race, the rider just gave her a little too much to do. Confrontation and Watershed were two extremely good things on the night, both coming off the bridle going into the homestraight, making up a mountain of strides in the dying strides, whilst Confrontation went on to knick One Man Band on the run-in and win the thing by two lengths, I thought that both of them were from an excellent yard, they both have great form in the book from the US, it’s a matter of time before they both run and win/place again.

Jebel Ali

The opener on the day, we saw Fa’Iz lose his forty-one beaten streak and he is a maiden no more – forty-two times lucky. Mountain Lion was back in second here, once again, going down a short head, I’m not entirely sure if he’ll ever win a race, whilst Salvadori made massive strides into looking like he could win a race. I hope for the future that Fa’Iz keeps this run going, I was willing him on even though I had money on another horse.

Moving onto the second race, I personally didn’t see it because I was setting up my WiFi at home, but Tides Rise one in nice style, winning by a length and a quarter, something I envisioned happening – back down to a nice mark, headgear on for the first-time, they worked a treat. He’s a nice one to watch, although he didn’t beat much in behind.

Third race was the best race on the card for myself, Busatto was one I thought I’d watch, going into the homestraight he had a few off the bridle and was traveling well in front, he just didn’t pick up, whilst Haatheq took it up well and handled Bluff in pretty good fashion, extending his lead in the end to win by a cosy margin of a length and a quarter.

Just A Penny as I said, was the banker of the entire year at such a massive price – you could’ve got at the biggest 5/1 with some firms, and personally, I have no idea how. Lake Hawk and Mr Churchill are two recent winners, but that form doesn’t always replicate when you have a Watson and Dobbs horse who’s been going up against far superior horses. I probably had my day at Jebel Ali thanks to Just A Penny, he won well by three and a half lengths, he’ll obviously go up in class, trip and weights, but still one to keep on side.

Penultimate race on the card, we had the Emirates Airline Handicap, three horses all in here with a chance. Ajraam, Conform With Fact and Roossey. Personally, I thought Roossey could’ve got his head in front, but he came second to Conform With Fact whilst something was amiss with Ajraam who came stone last by something like forty lengths. Conform With Fact has been stellar and consistent for a while now, so Roossey going down fighting like that isn’t a bad thing, plus I think he’ll improve next term.

The last race on the card, a scrappy race at that, one I thought Mathematics had in the bag, but he didn’t coming second. Frobisher was a good third, coming from a three year layoff, I thought Frobisher was extremely useful when winning on debut, he somewhat replicated that with a third to a very game Dairam in the end. A good race, but it just goes to show what can happen in a race and what a recent win can do for a horse.

Horses To Follow:

Not many horses I’d personally pick from this lot at Jebel Ali on the day, but I would follow Tides Rise in the future if wearing the same headgear, he seems to like it at Jebel Ali and over the longer distances of eighteen hundred metres – he excels. Along with this horse, I’d go with Roossey in the fifth and second-to-late race. Roossey, formerly of the Haggas yard in the United Kingdom, looked to have every chance to overtake Conform With Fact, he just didn’t get his head out; if going into any easier handicap, he could have things his own way. Not to mention, I would take him for next season as well, a very good horse if at his peak and only just adjusting to life in the United Arab Emirates, which is never easy.

UAE Racing Competition – Rounds 2 and 3

MWelcome back to another UAE Racing Competition segment, we went through round two at Meydan on Thursday, and finished up at Jebel Ali on Friday. Two relatively good cards throughout, some weak maidens on Friday, but that is okay as it was overridden by Thursday’s cracker of a card, where we saw four Godolphin winners.  I’ll be going over the selections from Meydan on Thursday first, and then Jebel Ali after, followed by a screenshot of the table(s).

Meydan Results:

3:00 – Haajeb, Versac Py

3:35 – Ertijaal, Fityaan, Roi De Vitesse

4:10 – Very Special, Excilly, More Aspen

4:45 – Frosted, Gold City, Faulkner

5:20 – Battersea, Paene Magnus, Famous Kid, Rio Tigre

5:55 – Confrontation, One Man Band, Watershed

6:30 –  Think Ahead, Elleval, Zamaam


AlMaktoumRacing: Haanoof, Ertijaal, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Rio Tigre, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

philipedwards3: Versac Py, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Prayer For Relief, Battersea, One Man Band, Tannaaf

SPBRacing: Versac Py, Naadirr, Si Luna, Prayer For Relief, Star Empire, Confrontation, Think Ahead

PAChettle: Ertijaal, More Aspen, Layl, Battersea, Confrontation, Think Ahead

azzabets: Versac Py, Ertijaal, Very Special, Special Fighter, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Sanshaawes

GCapewell: Versac Py, Ertijaal, Almashooqa, Frosted, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

Shane_012: Ertijaal, More Aspen, Faulkner, Star Empire, Mubtaahij, Sanshaawes

outlaws131973: Versac Py, Rafeej, Very Special, Special Fighter, Famous Kid, One Man Band, Snow Squall

jaak200: Versac Py, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Prayer For Relief, Star Empire, Confrontation, Think Ahead

EthanSimlett14: Ertijaal, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Rio Tigre, Le Bernardin, Elleval

dloftus12: AF Lafeh, Hototo, Very Special, Layl, Battersea, Le Bernardin, Elleval

nagletastic: Versac Py, Saayerr, Almashooqa, Faulkner, Star Empire, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

bigballsbetting: Haanoof, Hototo, More Aspen, Prayer For Relief, Certerach, One Man Band, Nolohay

tbuckleythinks: Versac Py, Ertijaal, Very Special, Faulkner, Famous Kid, Mubtaahij, Elleval

grabarn21: Haanoof, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Prayer For Relief, Star Empire, One Man Band, Sanshaawes

WhatevaaTrevaa: Versac Py, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Faulkner, Famous Kid, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

SunilSedra: Sir Maximilian, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Eye In The Sky, One Man Band, Snow Squall

copshawlad: Richlore, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Frosted, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

lutontown007: Ertijaal, More Aspen, Frosted, Star Empire, Le Bernardin, Tannaaf

horseracingmama: Versac Py, Sir Maximilian, Excilly, Munaaser, Zen Zansai Zaid, Mubtaahij, Zambucca

picksntips: Sir Maximilian, Almashooqa, Frosted, Paene Magnus, Mubtaahij, Elleval

JohnJelwell: Richlore, Ertijaal, Very Special, Frosted, Certerach, One Man Band, Think Ahead

Jordan_dufc: Ertijaal, Very Special, Frosted, Battersea, One Man Band, Tannaaf

kris1179: Ertijaal, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

EE_RC: Versac Py, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Faulkner, Star Empire, One Man Band, Tannaaf

imtomhutch: Richlore, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Special Fighter, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

lizstephens18: Haanoof, Naadirr, Very Special, Frosted, Famous Kid, Confrontation, Think Ahead

htregoning: Versac Py, Naadirr, Very Special, Frosted, Famous Kid, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

gillian1T: Caspian Prince, Almashooqa, Prayer For Relief, Famous Kid, One Man Band, Tannaaf

LauraKingDXB: Richlore, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Prayer For Relief, Star Empire, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

SMolyneux79: Richlore, Roi De Vitesse, More Aspen, Special Fighter, Paene Magnus, One Man Band, Hasanour

thomasbroadben1: Haanoof, Saayerr, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Star Empire, Le Bernardin, Sanshaawes

Captainmoansy: Ertijaal, Si Luna, Frosted, Star Empire, Mubtaahij, Elleval

horsegirlamy16: AF Lafeh, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Frosted, Semeen, Le Bernardin, Sanshaawes

rstwea01: Haanoof, Ertijaal, Very Special, Frosted, Prayer For Relief, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

emarroq109: Versac Py, Sir Maximilian, Icecapada, Frosted, Star Empire, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

joe_clancy: Versac Py, Saayerr, Very Special, Layl, Famous Kid, Le Bernardin, Tannaaf

davro990: Haajeeb, Ertijaal, Almashooqa, Layl, Paene Magnus, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

matthewj_001: Ertijaal, Very Special, Special Fighter, Battersea, One Man Band, Think Ahead

l_camz87: Haanoof, Naadirr, Icecapada, Prayer For Relief, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

bigkeveddy: Haajeeb, Ertijaal, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Battersea, One Man Band, Tellina

calummadell: Versac Py, Roi De Vitesse, Very Special, Frosted, Rio Tigre, One Man Band, Tannaaf

jsheeran1981: Versac Py, Caspian Prince, Very Special, Special Fighter, Topclas, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

Amandahorsies: Haanoof, Ertijaal, Very Special, Munaaser, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Think Ahead

gobbypunter: Haanoof, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Faulkner, Star Empire, Mubtaahij, Hasanour

Stueycufc: Versac Py, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Faulkner, Battersea, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

pigeon_island: Ertijaal, Very Special, Prayer For Relief, Famous Kid, Watershed, Think Ahead

gaztop1979: Richlore, Mubtaghaa, Si Luna, Special Fighter, Battersea, One Man Band, Elleval

Stephen_Curtis: AF Lafeh, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Frosted, Star Empire, Confrtontation, Mustadeem

simmy_hanley: Richlore, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Frosted, Star Empire, Le Bernardin, Sanshaawes

ryancollier_966: Richlore, Saayerr, More Aspen, Prayer For Relief, Star Empire, One Man Band, Sanshaawes

ashley_cliff: Richlore, Ertijaal, Almashooqa, Frosted, Famous Kid, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

denadkelly: Versac Py, Mubtaghaa, Almashooqa, Prayer For Relief, Famous Kid, Le Bernardin, Hasanour

mabuerherzog: Haanoof, Ertijaal, Icecapada, Prayer For Relief, Bedale, Le Bernardin, Elleval

haraspaumer: Versac Py, Ertijaal, More Aspen, Faulkner, Famous Kid, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

zeze5512: Versac Py, Ertijaal, Very Special, Frosted, Battersea, Watershed, Think Ahead

LynsayJane: Burning Breeze, Caspian Prince, Very Special, Frosted, Star Empire, Confrontation, Snow Squall

Reilly0121: Burning Breeze, Ertijaal, Si Luna, Layl, Keep In Line, Mubtaahij, Tannaaf

mdoonan1988: Naadirr, Almashooqa, Frosted, Peane Magnus, Mubtaahij, Mustadeem

Jebel Ali

10:20 – Fa’Iz, Mountain Lion, Salvadori

10:50 – Tides Rise, Rich And Righteous, Ramonti Flash

11:20 – Haatheq, Bluff, Pupil

11:50 – Just A Penny, Lake Hawk, Mr Churchill

12:20 – Conform With Fact, Roossey, Kasb

12:50 – Dairam, Mathematics, Frobisher

AlMaktoumRacing: Skygazer, Tides Rise, Busatto, Just A Penny, Roossey, Mathematics

joebowman_: Mountain Lion, Amaan, Bluff, Mr Churchill, Ajraam, Dairam

horseracingmama: Skygazer, Quintilian, Pupil, Lockhart, Canwinn, Mathematics

SMolyneux79: Fa’Iz, Tides Rise, Busatto, Lockhart, Roossey, Mathematics

pigeon_island: Fa’Iz, Amaan, Interpret, Mr Churchill, Ajraam, Mathematics

philipedwards3: Skygazer, Tadmir, Busatto, Here Now, Long Water, Mathematics

dloftus12: Mountain Lion, Rich And Righteous, Silver Galaxy, Lake Hawk, Roossey, Frobisher

calummadell: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Interpret, Just A Penny, Roossey, Mizwaaj

copshawlad: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Interpret, Here Now, Roossey, Mathematics

rstewa01: Mountain Lion, Tadmir, Haatheq, Just A Penny, Roossey, Dairam

gillian1T: Skygazer, Amaam, Busatto, Just A Penny, Ajraam, Mathematics

Jordan_dufc: Mountain Lion, Rich And Righteous, Interpret, Lake Hawk, Roossey, Mathematics

SunilSedra: Logistics, Tadmir, Silver Galaxy, Here Now, Bustopher, Forbisher

grabarn21: Mountain Lion, Amaan, Interpret, Mr Churchill, Ajraam, Mathematics

jaak200: Mountain Lion, Rich And Righteous, Pupil, Mr Churchill, Ajraam, Mathematics

azzabets: Skygazer, Tides Rise, Busatto, Just A Penny, Roossey, Mathematics

Captainmoansy: Skygazer, Rich And Righteous, Haatheq, Just A Penny, Roossey, Mathematics

nagletastic: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Busatto, Mr Churchill, Roossey, Mathematics

tbuckleythinks: Skygazer, Tadmir, Silver Galaxy, Mr Churchill, Ajraam, Dairam

Emarroq109: Logistics, Ramonti Flash, Silver Galaxy, Just A Penny, Conform With Fact, Mathematics

bigballspunting: Simply, Rich And Righteous, Busatto, Just A Penny, Roossey, Dairam

haraspaumer: Gamesplay, Tides Rise, Haatheq, Just A Penny, Ajraam, Copperbelt

SPBRacing: Mountain Lion, Tadmir, Interpret, Just A Penny, Conform With Fact, Dairam

davro990: Mulhame, Quintilian, Interpret, Lake Hawk, Bustopher, Festival City

WhatveaaTrevaa: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Interpret, Just A Penny, Dairam

bigkeveddy: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Haatheq, Lake Hawk, Greatest Hits, Mathematics

zeze2512: Fa’Iz, Tides Rise, Tanfeeth, Lake Hawk, Ajraam, Mathematics

Stephen_Curtis: Fa’Iz, Tides Rise, Pupil, Here Now, Ajraam, Mathematics

gobbypunter: Logistics, Rich And Righteous, Silver Galaxy, Mr Churchill, Roossey, Copperbelt

ashley_cliff: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Silver Galaxy, Lake Hawk, Roossey, Mathematics

kris1179: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Busattp, Just A Penny, Kasb, Mathematics

imtomhutch: Mountain Lion, Amaan, Busatto, Just A Penny, Roossey, Mathematics

GCapewell: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Haatheq, Just A Penny, Roossey, Festival City

EE_RC: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Interpret, Just A Penny, Conform With Fact, Dairam

LauraKingDXB: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Busatto, Here Now, Kasb, Mathematics

thomasbroadben1: Skygazer, Tides Rise, Busatto, Mr Churchill, Roossey, Dairam

simmy_hanley: Mountain Lion, Tadmir, Busatto, Mr Churchill, Roossey, Dairam

htregoning: Mountain Lion, Tides Rise, Silver Galaxy, Mr Churchill, Roossey, Mathematics

The final competition table:



Jebel Ali | Preview 05 Feb

An absolutely cracking night’s racing at the Meydan track, where we see His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum have one winner, whilst the boys in blue, the Godolphin lot had four wins throughout the card. We’re onto Jebel Ali tomorrow and we have a somewhat poor card in comparison to Meydan, some lovely horses out all the same.


Jebel Ali, a predominately right handed horseshoe-shaped track of 2200 metres (racing distance), with a 900 metre run into the finish. It has a 1400 metre straight course. The surface is a mixture of sand and oil. Well known for a steep European style finish. Thank you to emirates racing for the picture:

10:20 – Race 1 – Maiden Stakes

We start off with another weak looking maiden, not one horse here looks like they’ll come out and definitively win this race, or make this race their own. Mountain Lion has been showing some good form, just hasn’t been winning whenever the chance has come around, personally, I’d leave him alone again. I am not going to go through every runner in this race, there are far too many who haven’t run or are either a twenty race maiden, but my pick is going to go with Skygazer. A horse I’m surprised is still a maiden now, he has been on an upward curve and should be forever improving.

10:50 – Race 2 – Handicap

One mile and one furlong handicap, for eleven runners, with a non-runner making it the ten, over at Jebel Ali here, in the second race, forty thousand is the purse, and His Highness has the one runner in Amaan.

Amaan is a chestnut horse by Nayef, a good looker and a horse who has a fantastic pedigree, and one you know who gets the dirt straight away. Amaan started off the term relatively well when winning on his comeback run, since then not showing an awful lot. Finishing 504-34, I would be expecting a lot more from this son of Nayef, Charpy seems to be sending him out quite quickly, tomorrow is no exception as he last raced nineteen days ago. It seems as though eight furlongs is his optimum trip, since winning he has been upped to nine furlongs and hasn’t done much at all, a lot to improve upon.

Tides Rise runs here for Bin Harmash, a consistent horse in his last few outings over the Jebel Ali track, coming in with form figures of 26143, where he broke his maiden tag and managed to come into the handicapping spectrum. One of the only horses in this race with relatively any sort of form, he would be one I’d look to take with me now he’s definitely downed in class massively, I think eight furlongs could be his preferred trip, though. Rich And Righteous has been somewhat progressive in his time in the UAE, notching up a fourth behind Absolute Sway and Tides Rise, Rich And Righteous could very well have place claims here. Nine furlongs looks like his sort of trip, where he has come fourth and third at this sort of trip, I think it suits his type of running more, one who will look to dictate terms if possible.

Najm Suhail is from the Al Raihe yard, so he is going to be saddled by Tadhg O’Shea, one who was also in the race where he came seventh to Absolute Sway, losing by a total of seven lengths in the end, behind Tides Rise and Rich And Righteous. Najm Suhail has had a poor term this term, he hasn’t even finished in the top three, whilst most trips have been used for him, I think he’s best watched here for the future. Darkening hasn’t been improving this term either, he has had two recent runs, both of which where he has finished up seventh. Darkening last ran twenty days ago, so he’s finally starting to get some sort of fitness under his belt, he’s now back to Jebel Ali which could eek out some improvement in himself.

Verdict: Another hard race to consider what will happen, but I think Amaan is going to try to make the running, along with Rich And Righteous, both of whom may chuck each other in the deep end here. I’m going to go with Tides Rise as he won on this track before, he should be well in with the weights considering his last win, and there isn’t much else that appeals.

11:20 – Jebel Ali Stakes Prep – Stakes

An interesting Stakes prep on offer here, eleven runners in the line-up, over one mile and two furlongs, with a few big guns in the race. His Highness has two in the race, Haatheq and Tanfeeth, whilst a few others from big yards and trainers are about.

Haatheq has been consistent in defeat as of late, a record of 544447, coming up against the likes of Special Fighter and Le Bernardin, both of whom have run good efforts in the Group race today, Haatheq has a chance on bare form against the likes of these here. It’s interesting that he’s back upped to ten furlongs, as opposed to his eight furlongs what he’s used to, when running at Meydan over ten furlongs, he didn’t ever figure against Special Fighter and was totally demolished. Paul Hanagan is now on board, whilst an interesting jokey booking on Tanfeeth with Wayne Smith here. Running six days ago, Tanfeeth didn’t show anything against the likes of Torchlighter, he was well and truly in the back of the field. Before that this term, he came third and second, both over at Jebel Ali and over nine furlongs. Ten furlongs and Jebel Ali are sure to suit this lovely looking chestnut horse, by Singspiel. I think could potentially win this getting some weight from a few, he has every chance.

Busatto is one I have followed since joining the Doug Watson yard, he won his first two starts for Doug Watson, both from the front, he didn’t get it all his way in the Jebel Ali Mile Prep, so they have left him since. If getting a lead, this extra furlong could be well up his street, stretching his opponents from a long way out — Pat Dobbs is on board. Bluff is the mount of Chris Hayes, he has only had the one run in the UAE. He came nowhere to Tiz Now Tiz Then at Meydan, over the eight furlong track there, which was on the turf and was good going. Another horse from the States for the yard and owner, he’s by Tapit so should absolutely love the stiff track of Jebel Ali and the dirt most of all. Couldn’t have been cheap, and now finally having a run in the UAE, he should be there or thereabouts.

A cracking grey horse in Silver Galaxy, who is by Galileo. Silver Galaxy was turnt over in the Jebel Ali Mile quite convincingly in the end. It was his first run since the turn of the year, which could have been the deciding factor in the end, but class could’ve prevailed, however, it didn’t. I think he could go on another unbeaten run if taking up what he done last season, whilst we have Interpret. Only the one run this season is quite worrying, he did come fourth to Sefri, which isn’t overly bad form considering the race it was in. A winner at ten furlongs before, I think Interpret has a very live chance coming into the race here, he shouldn’t be under-estimated.

Verdict: I think Busatto should go and grab the lead for Dobbs here, taking them around the home-straight, I think Haatheq could pose some problems for Hanagan, the man here. Silver Galaxy will look to finish off strongly, along with Interpret and Tanfeeth, even Bluff might get into the race with some sort of edge. A tough handicap to pick through, but I am going to go with Busatto and stay loyal to this ex-Johnston horse.

11:50 – Race 4 – Handicap

A seven furlong race, with eight runners here, a few up-and-coming horses that could potentially be anything. No Hamdan Al Maktoum runners here, five horses coming here two weeks after running here.

Just A Penny is third in the betting according to William Hill, along with sportinglife, and considering he has run in much tougher races than this, I am incredibly surprised he isn’t odds-on against this lot, it won’t take much winning. Mr Churchill and Lake Hawk are both quite recent winners in incredibly weak maidens, this handicap isn’t much better, but Lake Hawk last-time-out didn’t show much improvement whatsoever. Mr Churchill came off the pace last-time-out and won incredibly well to get a Ajwad on the line, the horse in second didn’t improve the form whatsoever as he was in a tougher maiden, back out after a few days, I think Mr Churchill could be anything with this new lease of life.

Here Now is a Dubawi gelding formerly owned and trained by Godolphin, now with Selvaratnam, a nice recruit who came eighth on debut for the owner and trainer after being off for an incredibly long time. He should come on bundles for the run, he has learn what’s expected, he has seen Jebel Ali, this isn’t a tough maiden and could knick it.

Verdict: As said, an incredibly poor handicap on offer here, little to no value along with very poor horses. Personally, I am inclined to go with Just A Penny as he has been running in much tougher races than this, if improving, I would say he has the potential to beat any of these by lengths.

12:20 – Race 5 – Handicap

Another handicap on the card here, for three-year-old’s and above for a six furlong dash with ten runners going to post here. His Highness has three runners in the form Ajraam, Kasb and Mooqtar.

Kasb is one I have been looking at recently for a big run, it’s just how he breaks out of the stalls which always puts me off of him. Ajraam is saddled by Paul Hanagan, running twenty days ago, Ajraam won at Meydan by a nose to Padlock in an okayish looking handicap, a tougher task tomorrow here. Back at Jebel Ali for the first time this season, Ajraam could potentially boil over, but there’s no doubt in my mind that win will help him tomorrow, possibly vying for a lead over a short distance and kick on. Kasb is a horse I have loved for a while, since coming from the Gosden yard though, he hasn’t improved and has been relatively disappointing at Meydan, now at Jebel Ali for the first time, this stiff European style track could definitely suit this son of Arcano, if he breaks well. George Buckell takes the leg up on Mooqtar, taking off a vital five pounds, one run this term, Mooqtar came seventh of eleven, going down by seventeen and three quarter lengths. He has slipped down a fair bit in the weights, with George taking off some pounds, I think Mooqtar goes for the lead and will be hard to peg back.

Roossey has been improving with every run, dropped to six furlongs for the second time since coming to the UAE, Jebel Ali Roossey finished fourth behind Mushaakis in a poor run, but when Charlie Croker beat Roossey by a neck in the dying strides which would have been a killer, however, Roossey is a former Haggas trained horse, he will look to come back immediately and win. Conform With Fact has been running well this season, coming 42324 – pretty consistent, only losing out by about two-to-four lengths in the end, so he is definitely due a win. Conform With Fact has some good form behind Mushaakis, which is pretty solid, Conform With Fact has form over Jebel Ali and it seems to be his ideal course.

Verdict: Conform With Fact will be up there for the lead with Ajraam, one of whom who will potentially go for the lead and go against each other for the lead here. Roossey should come off the pace in the end, along with Kasb who doesn’t normally break well, whilst all of the others are best watched. I’m willing to chance my arm on Roossey, a useful second last-time-out and should with that run.

12:50 – Race 6 – Handicap

The final race on the card and the shortest race on the card, a five furlong sprint for the line, where we see seven runners go to post, with Rochester being a late non-runner in the end. His Highness has two in the race, Dairam and Tagseed.

Dairam is the mount of Paul Hanagan, a winner fourteen days ago at the same track, but over at six furlongs, meaning he’s down a furlong. Not a worry for me, personally. He won by a neck to Mathematics with Hammurabi back in third, he looked pretty classy on that run alone and could more than definitely defeat this type of opposition. Tagseed is my Arabic baby boy, I have followed him for ages now, it feels like an eternity. I’d do anything for him to win a race, but honestly, I can’t see him winning a race like this.

Frobisher looked potentially smart when winning on racecourse debut for Satish Seemar. A colt by Street Cry, you could tell he’s classy just on pedigree, however, out of the game for three years now, something serious obviously went on. He hasn’t run since 2013, a horse to potentially follow if he still knows what’s required. Copperbelt is a former Mark Johnston horse, he lost comprehensively to Just A Penny who could give him another form boost, but I can’t see it having much affect. Copperbelt is yet to win a race, coming third twice in two poorly rated maidens at Wolverhampton and Chepstow. Should need the run, could potentially come on now he’s a second seasoned UAE performer.

Mathematics has been second on both his two recent outings, he is a horse I said to follow for the future, as well. I think Mathematics has a good chance tomorrow, Pat Dobbs finally takes the reigns, he’s a massive and scopey type of horse, I can only hope Dobbs gets the best out of him. Mizwwaj is formerly a Godolphin trainer horse from the Bin Suroor yard, one who hasn’t yet lived up to his promise out in the UAE, however, going down to Kifaah by seen and a quarter lengths in November isn’t exactly bad form — he has form on his side and could be anything at this point.

Verdict: I expect Copperbelt to look for the lead, along with Dairam who stole a lead last time out, whilst Mathematics and Mizwwaj are both going to come off the pace massively here. I expect Dairam to be a short-odds favourite in the end, but personally, I am going with the massive boy in Mathematics.